The Greatest American Superhero Novel

My thanks to San Francisco’s own Eric Searleman for this truly terrific review on his blog, Check him out!

Superhero Novels

VillainsSidekick We don’t want to read a Hulk novel written by Jonathan Franzen. Nor do we want to see Lorrie Moore’s name listed in the table of contents of a new Wild Cards anthology. Even though Franzen and Moore are incredibly talented authors, we’re not pining for them to write the Great American Superhero Novel.

All we want is a tightly wound adventure filled with great humor, hyper magniloquence, and preposterous characters. We want it to be clever and a little bit naughty too. Is that too much to ask?

Stephen T. Brophy has written such a book. The Villain’s Sidekick is everything we’re looking for in superhero fiction. It’s funny and ridiculous and a little bit raunchy. As an extra bonus, the author also includes a couple of “aw-shucks” moments for added value. Compared to everything else in our tiny genre bubble, Brophy has written the perfect novel.

HandCannon is a…

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