And So It Goes…


Every 90 days, as Kindle Countdown Select permits, I put my book on sale for the absurdly cheap price of .99c. It’s like you could spend that, and even if you ended up hating it (and honestly, most people really don’t) you wouldn’t have spent enough to even get mad about.

Beyond that, there’s a couple of surprises ahead, if you’re patient and diligent. I’m nearing completion on the first draft of the epic sequel and just so you don’t have to wait so long to get your next dose of HandCannon, I’m gonna put something short and sweet and reasonably gratuitously violent out in the world between now and then to tide you over. For free! Give me a month or two for that and you won’t be sorry. Promise.

In the meantime, tell your friends, loved ones, strangers and people you can barely stand that The Villain’s Sidekick for less than a buck will make them feel like they just got away with the Supercrime of the Century.

The sale starts at midnight.

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