Pre-order “The Devil’s Right Hand”–the earliest origins of HandCannon

Now available for pre-order (for Kindle only right now–sorry Nook-ers and other e-readin’ types) from Amazon, the latest slim chapter in the HandCannon saga, a bittersweet taste of things to come as our “hero” stumbles sideways into the life of a cybernetically-enhanced henchman. Like “Batman Begins,” this is “HandCannon Before” (but don’t worry, it’s got nothing in common with “Gotham”). Before the gun-arm, before the steel jaw, but after the friendly fire Gulf War incident that left him wide open for prosthetics and a terrible attitude. Opens wide on February 29th, and makes a great Leap Day gift for that special someone you only think about every four years.

The print edition from Budget Press should be available soon, too!

from the author of -The villain's sidekick-' (1) copy

Duke LaRue is a Gulf War vet who lost his right arm, his right mind, part of his skull and more than a few of his marbles in a friendly fire incident. Now he’s a lost soul hovering around the Texas/Mexico border pulling petty crimes, hooking up with tourists, and trying his best not to wake up in jail EVERY morning. But a chance encounter with the heiress to a cartel fortune and her would-be killers on a midnight beach turns out to be the first stumbling step towards his future as a cybernetic weaponized henchman-for-hire. Because even the bad guys have to start somewhere.

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