The Pre-orders Are Rolling In

Okay, maybe more like trickling. But considering I have only the bare minimum of marketing and self-promotion expertise, it’s exciting to imagine anyone champing at the bit for another taste of HandCannon.

I’m also doing a giveaway promotion on Goodreads starting February 29th, the day of the launch for The Devil’s Right Hand, and running through the end of March. Fifteen lucky winners from wherever they are in the world will get free print copies of the new story plus The Villain’s Sidekick and The Eternity ConundrumThat’s the entire collected works of HandCannon (minus the forthcoming Citizen Skin) for the price of none!

And just ’cause I like it, here’s that book cover again, with the sweet 3D HandCannon image designed by Texas-based artist extraordinaire Jeff Coleman.

from the author of -The villain's sidekick-' (1) copy


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