New HandCannon Story; Goodreads Giveaway; Villain’s Sidekick for FREE

from the author of -The villain's sidekick-' (1) copy

Getting sick of seeing this guy yet? I hope not, because as of today, Leap Day 2016, this new Duke story, all about the exploits that led to him becoming the henchman known in certain circles as HandCannon, is available over on Amazon. And in honor of its digital publication, I’m also holding a month-long Goodreads Giveaway where fifteen lucky entrants, hand-selected through some arcane process by the folks behind the scenes at Goodreads, stand to win not only a hardcopy of this story, but of the entire HandCannon catalog. That’s right, you get The Devil’s Right Hand, The Eternity Conundrum, and the original The Villain’s Sidekick from Budget Press, all for the low low price of nothing at all.

The Eternity Conundrum Final Final

And for those of you who hate physical copies of books with all your black little hearts, The Villain’s Sidekick will be free in its e-book form for Kindle readers for the next five days.

So celebrate Leap Day with HandCannon, huh? After all, what could be better than reading about a semi-retired henchmen with a machine gun arm while you’re hunkered down in your bunker waiting out the election cycle?


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