Free to Be You & Me, but Mostly Free to You: The Devil’s Right Hand

As I further contemplate the turning of the screw that is achieving a half century of life, I find myself wanting to give away my earthly possessions–well, some of them anyway; definitely not the ones I use daily, like my car or any of my flatscreens or personal electronics–so I figure it’s a fine time to keep it rolling with a digital giveaway of the HandCannon origin story, The Devil’s Right HandSo let your keyboarding fingers do the walking over to Amazon where, from February 15th to the 19th, you can get yourself familiar with the life and times of Duke “HandCannon” LaRue.

And if you happen by today, the book that started it all, The Villain’s Sidekickis available for that same non-price for a few more hours. Makes a great Valentine’s Day gift (for lonely types who like their book-readin’ anyhow).

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The Good Fight 3 Anthology

Coming in March, from my esteemed colleagues at the Pen & Cape Society and Local Hero Press, is the third volume of their ongoing Good Fight anthology series. Why do I care? And why should you? Because this time, in addition to all the great superfiction from the likes of Marion G. Harmon, Jim Zoetewey, Ian Thomas Healy, Samantha Bryant and more, you get a brand new prequel story featuring the first full-body-count adventure of Duke “HandCannon” LaRue as he serves his henchman apprenticeship taking down a ruthless Central American drug lord in the service of an equally ruthless Mexican drug lord.

I’ll hit you with more updates as the release day approaches, but in the meantime, check out the previous Good Fight collections, The Good Fight and The Good Fight 2: Villainsboth currently available at Amazon for the low low price of free!


Free The Villain’s Sidekick


Full disclosure: I’m about to have one of those milestone birthdays this month, where I find myself a lot older than the younger version of me ever thought I’d live to be. So in honor of that, I guess, I’m offering a couple of my books free this month over on Amazon, beginning with the one that started it all, The Villain’s SidekickFor the next five days, grab it and run and get the skinny on Duke “HandCannon” LaRue, the semi-lovable henchmen with a machine gun arm, an iron jaw, a steel-plated skull, a lethal boss, an irritable ex-wife, a precocious six-year-old daughter, and a heart of pyrite. It’s short enough to finish in three to five bathroom sittings and there’s plenty more where that came from (including an upcoming prequel story in the third Good Fight anthology and the origin tale, The Devil’s Right Handwhich will be available free next week).